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Durafosf plus ®

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DURAFOSF PLUS® is a highly revolutionary treatment for the electrochemical deposition of nanoparticles smaller than 0.3 micron (thousandth of a millimetre) and of a "Top Secret" substance able to considerably reduce the friction coefficient of two surfaces in contact with one another.

After it is applied, DURAFOSF PLUS® forms a thin lubricating layer that can cut down to 0.01 the friction coefficient between two surfaces; this coefficient is comparable to the one obtained by rubbing together two pieces of ice. This layer is completely dry and adheres perfectly to the surface. So we can exclude the occurrence any dirtying and contamination of the environment, such as, for example, oil or grease lubrication.

DURAFOSF PLUS® offers the following advantages::

  • the possibility to obtain a clean and dry lubrication
  • it improves the running-in period, also when used in combination with oil and grease lubrication
  • it protects against wear and, at slow speed, prevents stick-slips
  • it allows life-long lubrication at high and low temperatures, under the inflow of fluids in the presence of UV radiation or under vacuum conditions
  • excellent protection against corrosion
  • facilitates the assembly and disassembly of coupled components with minimum tolerance values
  • in couplings that can be separated, it ensures defined tightening torque values and relative preload
  • it makes it possible to achieve cost-effective solutions thanks to the use of targeted application processes

This film acts as a separating and lubricating stratum, effectively reducing friction and wear between the friction bodies in contact with one another.

In addition to being used in the sector of air and space navigation technology, DURAFOSF PLUS® is widely used on small yet important components, such as, for example, magnet inductors, plain shaft bearings and bench pins, safety belts components (closing systems, winders), hinges, screw and bolts, valves, pistons, sliding guides, gaskets, roller bearings, guides, bushings, ball bearings, chains and many moving components, ensuring over 90% reduction in friction coefficients.

Laboratory tests have proven that applying the DURAFOSF PLUS® treatment to the moving parts of a bicycle leads to less physical strain by the athlete, performance levels being equal, consequently  to a reduction in the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, which translates into the possibility of achieving higher performance levels.

In case of stress caused by friction, a gradual transfer/removal of the lubricating layer takes place. Hence we can talk about transfer lubrication. The DURAFOSF PLUS® treatment can also be combined with an oil to which nanoparticles have been added for the purpose of increasing and further enhancing the advantages in terms of performance and service life offered by the treatment itself.

This lubricant is made of active nanoparticles, which are resistant to corrosion, extreme intermittent loads, and vibrations. It reduces noise and makes the treated surfaces non-sticky.

Moreover, the lubricant offers greater protection against atmospheric agents by forming an invisible film dry to the touch that hinders the adhesion of contaminating agents on the mechanical components, which may prevent their operation.

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